Creating + Building with Natural Stone

Quarry in Hinterbichl

Tauern Green

Dark-green to olive-green-black, colour-fast serpentinite with small areas of light clouding and irregular, fine veins of white and white-green calcite.

In interior and exterior architecture for facades, masonry and paving as well as gravestones and sculptural work.

  • Tauerngrün mit polierter Oberfläche

  • Tauerngrün mit geschliffener Oberfläche

  • Tauerngrün mit sandgestrahlter Oberfläche

Tauern Green for precision work
Tauern Green for facades and floor coverings
Tauern Green for wall and garden stones
Tauern Green for paving stones
Tauern Green for sawing pieces, slices and slabs
Tauern Green for sculptural work